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An Integrated Approach with Falun Gong


Presented at the International Conference on Social and Behavioural Sciences, 14-16 March, 2017, Singapore.

Western counseling is getting a boost from an ancient spiritual discipline—Falun Gong, a cultivation system with its roots in traditional Chinese culture. Spirituality is accepted as the ‘fifth force’ within the helping profession. In our modern era, the concept of spirituality and integration in counseling practice or the helping profession is considered ‘the way to go’—a preferred decision or choice.

Perceptions are shifting. Spirituality and integration can no longer be ignored or separated in the therapeutic domain as mounting research evidence is indicating the positive link between spirituality and health and wellness.

The mindful practice of Falun Gong, with elements from Buddhist and Taoist teachings, has gained the attention of health professionals. Like other mindfulness-based interventions, Falun Gong can be integrated into counselling or as a self-help strategy in working with individuals from diverse cultures.

Raw data from a pilot study conducted in the United States indicated a growing number of health professionals are engaging to some extent in integrative practice. A spiritually integrated practice with Falun Gong is an emergent approach and still in its embryonic stage.

The aim of the small-scale pilot study is to determine if those health professionals who practice Falun Gong embrace integration and if so, to what degree do they engage in integration. Findings from the pilot study indicated that all participants embraced some form of integrative activity in their workplace. This paper provides some insight and reviews the extent to which Falun Gong health professionals engage in an integrative approach with Falun Gong.

Keywords: meditation, mindfulness, Falun Dafa, Falun Gong, integration

Dr. Trey, awarded 2nd place for oral presentation at the 2017 International Conference on Social and Behavioural Sciences in Singapore; with Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Diana Lea Baranovich Shoup
Dr. Trey at the conference venue waiting with the keynote presentation to begin.
Dr. Trey, chilling out with former fellow doctoral candidate and Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan.

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