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Reciting Falun Gong Mantra Against COVID-19

Falun Gong Mantra counters COVID-19

(This presentation looks at the effectiveness reciting Falun Gong mantra against COVID-19.

It was co-presented at the International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology on March 13-15, 2021 with anti-viral expert Dr. Yuhong Dong, M.D., Ph.D. and Professor Kai-Hsiung Hsu.)


The Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread rampantly. There have been reports of people with COVID-19 symptoms who improved or fully recovered after reciting the Nine True Words (NTW) or mantra from Falun Gong. 

A global team of researchers conducted a retrospective study to explore the effectiveness of reciting the NTW against COVID-19. Thirty-six cases from six ethnic groups and six countries were identified.

Patients reported respiratory symptoms, fever, coughing, dyspnea or breathing difficulties, and/or neurological and gastrointestinal symptoms. The symptoms range from mild, moderate to severe.

Nearly 50% received hospital treatment and medications. But these were either ineffective or initially effective and followed by relapse or worsening of symptoms. All 36 cases experienced symptom improvement. About three-quarter of the 36 cases (72%) fully recovered after reciting the NTW.

Median improvement time was one day and three days for recovery. Three critically ill patients recovered completely or improved significantly after reciting the NTW. Two of them had given up hospital treatment before they recited the NTW.

Reciting the Falun Gong mantra is easy to learn and not conflicting with conventional treatment. This study offers hope and a unique way to reframe, rebuild, and reconnect with our spiritual self by exploring an alternative to health and wellbeing during a pandemic crisis.

See also the single case report of a 73-year-old suspected COVID-19 patient with severe dyspnea who fully recovers after reciting the nine true words from Falun Gong.


Reciting Falun Gong mantra against COVID-19
Speaking at this event with Dr. YH Dong and Prof. KH Hsu about the investigative study on the effects of chanting ‘Falun Dafa Hao; Zhen-Shan-Ren Hao’ mantra against the Wuhan Coronavirus. ( People)
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